Private school A&B


Informatics lessons ar Private school A&B

   Education in Private school A&B is concentrated on algorithms written in C++. It is developed private methods of teaching. In first two years students have textbooks written from school's team and it is approved by Ministry of Education and Science. At the moment the team is preparing system for learning and evaluation of knowledge.

Goals of Private school A&B

   The training aims to prepare future professionals in the field of programming. At this stage of their training, their achievements are assessed with the presentation of students on local and international programming competitions. Training programming in "Private school A&B" is performed on the basis of curricula adopted by the "National Commission on Informatics" for different age groups in national competitions in Informatics:

Group Е: 4 – 5 class
Group D: 6 – 7 class
Group С: 8 class
Group В: 9 – 10 class
Group A: 11 – 12 class

Learning process

   The duration of classes for one academic year is 120 hours. Classes are held once a week for 4 hours or 2 times a week for 2 hours. Classes are taught by Chief Assistant PhD. Biserka Yovcheva and Chief Assistant PhD. Valentina Spasova.