Private school A&B



   Private school A&B is founded on 04/01/1998 in Shumen. Its goal is the additional preparation for students from II to XII class in field of Informatics, Math and Software technology. At first the school inhabited room in Company for dissemination of knowledge "Avangard" on 2 Str. Layosh Koshut. In the first year it's opened a second computer center. Several month after the opening the prime center is moved to 2 Str. Han Omurtag. From the autumn of 2001 till the autumn of 2004 the private school is on 36 Str. Pliska. Nowadays the private school A&B has own building on 13 Str. Hristo Botev.

   The subjects learned at the school are for students from II to XII class in the fields of maths, informatics - first steps, algorithms and data structures. As a result of hard work and dedication of the staff, lessons' development and technical modernisations, the private school got popular over the years. Students from all over the country are wanting to learn. Students learning at Private School A&B very often take first places no only in Shumen, but also at national competitions, even at international competitions.

    Until now over 1800 adults and 1700 children are graduated various courses at the School. Teachers trained large groups of employees from various businesses in the city and the region as "Alcomet" Regional Library "St. Chilingirov" - City of Shumen, Leather dispensary - Shumen, RSSO - City of Shumen and the City of Razgrad, Regional Inspectorate - City of Targovishte , Herti Ltd., CT - Shumen, HEI city. Shumen, etc. Teachers have always received high marks for teaching and presentational skills at school. It's built a science-based system for primary and specialized computer training and the results of the application are exported and valued at national scientific meetings.